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Sick Doggy: The Ultimate Guide to Common Puppy Illnesses & Cures

Sick Doggy: The Ultimate Guide to Common Puppy Illnesses & Cures

Are you a first-time pet parent? Does your little puppy keep showing signs of illness? Does the pup often refuse to eat food? Are you worried if you are giving him the right kind of care? Did your pup scare you when she vomited blood?  

If your answer to any of the above questions is "yes", then you have chosen the right audiobook.

Having a puppy is similar to having a baby in the house. You need to keep running around to ensure the fur ball had his food, drank enough water, and is getting good sleep. It also is extremely important to check if he or she is comfortable in his new home.

If you are a new pet parent, the first thing you should do is get your pup dewormed. When he or she is around six to eight weeks old, you need to start getting first-year puppy vaccinations done. After doing all this you still notice signs of weakness or illness in the pup, then you need to take the fur baby to the vet immediately. 

The puppy might vomit too often, keep whining, or face difficulty in pooping/peeing. Unfortunately, these voiceless beings cannot tell us what they feel inside, but it is our responsibility as a human - as their pet parent - to understand what they need. 

Through the course of the audiobook, we intend to discuss the most common types of illness a pup is bound to get affected by.

Here is a quick snapshot of what is covered in the audiobook:  

  • Intestinal parasites 
  • Canine distemper 
  • Kennel cough 
  • Puppy vomiting 
  • Puppy diarrhea 
  • Puppy fleas 
  • Puppy ticks 

Without any further ado, click on the "Buy now" button right away, and read more so you can give your little pooch the best care and attention.  


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