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Is Your Dog Shy?: How to Get Them Acquainted with Groups of People

Is Your Dog Shy?: How to Get Them Acquainted with Groups of People

The Mav4Life® focuses on creating durable, fun and friendly premium products. From leashes to walk your dog, to toys your pets can play with anytime. Mav4Life® also will always do its diligence to provide the customer with more each time whether its free reads, discounted content or access to information other product producers won't provide. We continue to focus on giving the customer more than just the purchase of our products. We primarily release content to educate our audiences in the areas of dogs as their pets!

Is Your Dog Shy is the first available book available on nervous dogs with fears of people!. This read provides dog owners with the all the tips for dealing with dogs fearful or anxious of people. Content focusing on overcoming their anxiety of humans or similar fears by facing their fears gradually through a series of steps. Steps also focused on how you can help your dog integrating with people or groups of people. The least a dog owner can do considering the undeniable devotion a dog will have for their owners.

Mav4Life® provides owners with tricks no matter their age to overcome their fears. How to socialize and prevent any serious trauma or further devastating conditions. Mav4Life® starts with helping dog owners understand the problem which then helps owners become better pack leaders.

As Mav4Life® continues to focus on creating products for dog lovers we also will continue to ensure information is provided to owners in all areas of owning a pet. This E-book is for any dog owner of any breed. It will guide you, as an owner, to give your dog the best training which will lead to a friendship forever!

Take advantage today of Is Your Dog Shy!

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