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Exercise for Older Dogs: Top 10 Exercise Tips for Your Aging Dog!

Exercise for Older Dogs: Top 10 Exercise Tips for Your Aging Dog!

Are you feeling sad about your dog’s old age symptoms? Does it depress you to see your dog lying in front of the fire tired and exhausted? Are you worried about her overweight issue? Do you think taking him for a walk would cause him pain in his legs? Are you confused about how to get the required exercise for your old furry friend? If you are nodding your head for a "YES" to at least one of the questions mentioned above, then not to worry, you have got hold of the right book.

Old age is a common symptom seen in all living beings that exist on this planet. Similar to humans, your furry companion also grows old which might slow down his or her body movements. You will find your doggie too tired to do anything. His appetite might be reduced, he might start limping when he walks, and he might not be in his usual playful self.

As your dog ages, his or her bones begin to grow weak, and it is important to give them the required care in the form of the right food and exercise. Your dog’s body will need exercise for proper functioning of his bones and muscles. And it is important to give the dog the right kind of exercise. Your furry friend will need gentle exercises and fun games to keep her happy and enjoy her playtime.

Through the course of the book, we intend to discuss a few fun-filled workout routines that might help your dog enjoy his old age.

Here is a quick snapshot of what is covered in the book:

  • Checking out for your dog’s aging symptoms
  • Simple Outdoor Exercises
  • Fun Indoor Exercises
  • Making your dog’s life comfortable
  • Grooming, Warm baths, Hydrotherapy
  • Importance of regular vet visits
  • Knowing the time to say goodbye

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