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Encyclopedia of Rottweilers: So, I Got a Rottweiler What Now?

Encyclopedia of Rottweilers: So, I Got a Rottweiler What Now?

Do you want a Rottweiler?

Perhaps you have already picked out the perfect Rottweiler to bring home, but you have questions. The answers are here, inside the Encyclopedia of Rottweilers.

You are about to go on a journey with a new family member, and it is time that you learn about your dog before you bring him or her home, as well as knowing what to do once you have him at home.

Rottweilers have a long history that is both fascinating and helpful to understanding their behaviors and how to work with them to train them. Not only are you going to learn about the history of the breed, but the standard personality, care, health issues and overall American Kennel Club description of Rottweilers.

Your journey with your new family member is just beginning. You will need supplies, proper food and a place for your dog to sleep when you are home and when you are not. Your actions will determine the “behavior” of your new family member.

As you explore the topics:
  • How to train your puppy;
  • How to train your older dog;
  • How to deal with behavior;
  • And some quick tips,
You are going to learn what you need to know to enjoy your new puppy or dog. Your Rottweiler is going to be loyal, affectionate and a great learner. You can teach him words like bathroom, hungry, water, toy, bone, food, yes, no, sit, stay, wait, release and hundreds of other words.

It will be a fun journey, as long as you are willing to put in the time. Your Rottweiler will need many things from you, including:
  1. Love
  2. Affection
  3. Attention
Never let your dog feel ignored, bad or even feel fear. Only you can show your Rottweiler what positive behavior deserves and ignore the inappropriate actions. Congratulations on choosing the Rottweiler breed to be a part of your family.

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