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4" Extra Large Rope Ball Chew Toy

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  • PREMIUM FETCHING TOY!: Are you looking for a rope ball chew toy for your dog? Mav4Life® 4" Extra Large Rope Ball Chew Toy is engineered for throwing and retrieving with your dog. Mav4Life®  4" Ball is designed withstand aggressive dogs natural instinct to grip hard when fetching and retrieving. Dogs naturally excited when your playing fetch and often get distracted with toys they can retrieve and tear up. Not this toy, you dog will bite hard but bring back because of its round ball feature. Make your next visit to the park a fun one!  rope ball is designed for all chewers! 
  • FOR ALL SIZE DOGS!: Mav4Life® Ball rope toy is made for all sized dogs. The design is layered with rope knots so your dog wont tear it apart while chewing down hard during playtime. This toy is ideal for dogs who love to run, as its weight allows owners to throw it exceptional distances if necessary. Its dark colors make it easy for your dog to not lose it in outdoor greenery. Give your dog Mav4Life® ball for its next new toy! 
  • BUILT FOR CHEWERS: Built for large, medium, and small breed dogs. Rest assured Mav4Life® dog chew toys will keep your dog from destroying your home, digging in the back yard and following your every step to get your attention! A fantastic toy to bond with your dog with tug of wars or fetch!