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Dog Grooming! & Shedding Dog: Mav4Life

Dog Grooming! & Shedding Dog: Mav4Life

Dog Grooming! The Ins & Outs of Bathing Your Dog

Dog Grooming is exactly what every dog owner needs to learn! This audiobook provides dog owners with the all the tips for learning about bathing one's dog. Mav4Life® covers the topic of grooming, why it's important, which dogs are better than others in grooming, and the in and outs around bathing your BFF. The least you as a dog owner can do is treat your BFF as the gem they are, considering the undeniable devotion a dog will have for its owner.

Mav4Life® provides owners with bathing tips, along with a focus in figuring out whether your dog breed is typically easy or difficult in grooming! Mav4Life® gives you options you can invest in for grooming your dog to be the beautiful pet they are outside and in!

Shedding Dog: Tips on Handling Dog Hair In Your Home

Shedding Dog is exactly what every shedding-dog owner needs! This audiobook provides dog owners with the all the tips for dealing with that annoying, frustrating dog hair that ends up everywhere! Owners deserve to know the tips for dealing with shedding dogs - how you can eliminate, reduce, or handle a shedding dog without constant frustration! Remember, they are counting on you alone to ensure they are loved everyday, no matter their natural tendencies.

Mav4Life® provides owners with a walk-through on the advantages to certain toys! Mav4Life® discusses options on grooming as well as equipping your home with the right appliances or hardware to deal with shedding efficiently. Get it today and see what else is packed in this gem!

As Mav4Life® continues to focus on creating products for dog lovers, we also will continue to ensure information is provided to owners in all areas of owning a pet. This audiobook is for any dog owner of any breed. It will guide you, as an owner, to give your puppy the best training, which will lead to a friendship forever!


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