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Our Dogs are Family

Hello! My name is Maverick . I am a 70lb Grey Weimaraner. My hobbies include running, retrieving, swimming, dancing, atving, rving, boating, fishing, playing dress up, chasing ducks, eating cheese and just recently hanging out with our chickens! Did I mention I am grey eyed and gorgeous? My #1 passion is cuddling with my two legged dad and spending every moment of my life with my entire Mav4Life family! Bet you can’t guess where Mav4Life came from? Well I am determined to share it all today!


It goes back around 18 years. In 1999, my two legged dad went and got his first best friend Roco . Dad was going through some tough times and needed a stable friend. You know us four legged dogs fill that role perfectly! I never got to meet Roco but I heard nothing but great things! He was a lab-pit cross, I never really understood a mix breed as I am proud purebred! But my dad didn’t care and let me tell you those two did everything. Roco this and Roco that. Had my fair share of listening to it all. He was apparently a very loyal dog, aren’t we all? He went to work with my pops, camping , fishing and I even hear stories of Roco being on a few of his dates! Weird! But my dad never says anything unless he means it and I know when the topic of Roco comes up I see in his eyes the love he had for his first best friend. So naturally I am PRO Roco!




In 2001, dad introduced my mom to Roco, that didn’t bark well. Roco was very protective of his dad, like me. Every time mom would go near dad Roco would growl. It took some time but Roco came around and in fact as dad was turning his attention to his career Roco spent more time with mom and adopted her as his new best friend ! Poor Roco!, A few years later, 2006, the Mav4Life family continued to grow where Diesel was brought home and expected to fit right in! I met Diesel and well let me tell you I get it Roco! Diesel was a beast! Tough, built like a moose and a tail that stung with every hit! But I gotta give him credit, he took me in and I never saw him hurt a fly ! A big friendly giant. Diesel, a 90 lb American Bulldog Pit, another mix bread I never got. He loved to run, sniff, go for walks, bark, eat cheese & stick his nose in water. Diesel was as loyal as it came and never liked to leave our parents side. At this point both my parents were working and so Roco and Diesel had to wait until they came home each day to show their love . Couldn’t imagine how hard that was as I have always had a parent or sister around each and every day!


In 2008, life was becoming hectic! Another member added to our family. Dad says it was life changing. My two legged sister joined the Mav4Life family! Alexa is beautiful. She is my second best friend, I cuddle with her every night as I get to sleep on her bed ! She gives me so many kisses and I get to play dress up with her. I am so lucky! Dad, mom, Roco, diesel and now Alexa were living the good life in the city and from what it seemed Dad was through the tough times. Unfortunately life is about ups and downs and that year had a bad day . My dad still has a hard time talking about it, never seems to want to reflect but I see Roco’s dog collar hanging in dad’s truck to this day. So I know he is with us everyday since then.

Roco and Alexa


Baby Mav

Dad and Mom are strong and they plowed forward enjoying Diesel and Alexa grow until wait for it….yep another addition! In 2010, Dad and Mom brought Kaylee home, my other two legged sister! They introduced her to Alexa and Diesel. Well I got to witness it. When they say inseparable, they mean it. Diesel and Kaylee where love at first sight . Diesel followed, licked, barked, jumped and ran circles around Kaylee. She was a goddess to him. They did everything together. Ate together, played dress up together, slept together I don’t remember anything without them in the same picture. Truly best friends . There was a special bond between them that I understood because I have the same thing with my dad and sister Alexa. Mav4Life family was growing fast and strong! But wait, it was about to get stronger as you got it I entered the family! Love it! I get to talk about myself now!


2014 was the best year ever! I was born , so was Mav4Life , and dad came looking for me. Mom says it took all this time for him to be truly ready for another four-legged buddy. Don’t get me wrong dad loved Diesel but he was a busy dad doing his part in creating an amazing life for us! I know my Dad. I think he just needed time to get ready for me! I’m a handful, that’s what mom says, as I love to do everything Dad does! I am a bit of a pacer, can’t stop really moving as I got so much love and energy to pass around! It was so amazing coming home to meet everyone. Dad filled me in on the drive home about Kaylee and Diesel’s bond, Alexa’s high energy tendencies and moms beautiful personality. There isn’t a moment I haven’t felt love in my family! Even Diesel took me in. Thanks Roco, it was probably you that groomed him to accept a new puppy into a strong family!

Well I could go on and on about the experiences my family has brought into my life but I think the most significant is our move out of the city. Dad and mom bought a house in the country with land and its own lake ! It has so much space that we can run in tall grass, swim every day, see all sorts of other four legged animals much bigger then us. Most importantly, we spend a lot of time together as a family now. Year after year we started spending more time at the lake. Dad kept saying how he would love to live there fulltime. I knew right then change was coming. Remember what I said early on, dad never just says anything. And in 2016 life changed forever. Once again it was big!



2016 Pictures

2016 was a massive year. A year most likely to be remembered forever. Dad & Mom sold the house in the city and we built our dream home right on the lack! It has so much room & even I got my own bedroom! We started in May and I learned a lot about construction ! I even got to drive the bobcat, so cool! June came and once again, this time as a family, we experienced a sad day! I lost my best friend Diesel , we all know he now is with Roco on the other side of the rainbow & his collar hangs in mom’s car. We celebrated his ashes over our new home property right where Kaylee’s room was going to be built. Will never forget that moment when Kaylee said her final good bye. Dad and Mom as always built like rocks continued to push forward and build our final home! And of course, as usual, continue to make big decisions and create moments every day in huge fashion. In September Mom went on a flight and returned with CASH , Purebred like me, a 9 week old 21lb English Mastiff. Another big friendly giant. You can imagine who swooped right in as their new best friend. If you guessed Kaylee you been paying attention. And just two weeks later Dad went for a drive and returned with ME 2.0. Koa , 4 legged puppy was like looking in the mirror. Gorgeous grey Purebred Weimaraner. Runs like me, barks like me, plays like me its seriously annoying. Guess I had such an impression on Dad he couldn’t get enough of me. But just as Roco accepted Diesel and Diesel accepted me, it was time for me now to accept the two new puppies into the house.


Here we are 2017 . As I close on the Mav4Life family story in this section you all get to see and hopefully contribute to. I want to let you know we will be barking, playing, running and doing every other silly and loyal dog experience we can creatively think of & share with all of you. I hope on behalf of the Mav4Life family you will follow , share and like our story from this point forward on any one of our social media thingies my parents set up. Check us out each day and I guarantee we will always bring you joy the same way our Dad, Mom & sisters do for us! See you soon from Maverick & the Mav4Life Family

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