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  • 14" Training Friendly Rope and Tennis Ball Chew Toy
  • GREAT FOR PUPPIES: Puppies love to chew, love to pull and love to play! New pet owners probably didn't realize how much of these three things puppies love to do each and every day! Full time work! Make it full time fun! Mav4Life® 14"  Training Friendly Rope and Tennis Ball Chew Toy is perfect for entertaining your puppy while you want to train them. Or simply for allowing them to release their energy indoors on those rainy days. Mav4Life® 14" rope toy is designed with a tennis ball right where your puppy begins to chew while you hold on tight with a comfortable handle. This 14" toy is also popular with small and medium size dogs.
  • BUILT FOR MILD TO MODERATE CHEWERS: This is one of our most popular training dog chew toys for smaller to medium sized dogs with a mild to moderate bite or chew. It's tennis ball placed close to the end of its length allows dogs to grab on by the ball while the owner holds on for the pull. Its lightweight also allows owners to give it a great toss by using the handle and the balls weight gives it a good glide through the air while your dog sprints to retrieve. Excellent for training retrieving dogs!
  • SAFETY PRIORITY ONE: Mav4Life® rope toys are 100% made from all natural products. While we focus on fun for your pet we make every effort to put your pets safety first!- click add to cart now!