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  • 14" Long-Lasting Multi Pull Dog Rope Toy
  • Top Selling Toy For Families With More Then One Dogs
  • MULTI-DOG TOY: Do you want a toy that multiple dogs will play with together? Mav4Life® 14" Long-Lasting Multi Pull Dog Rope Rope Toy is perfect for playing tug of war between dogs. Mav4Life® Multi-rope arms allow your pets to pull in all directions! Built with extra strength that no small or medium dog will ever pull apart! With knots strategically located so dogs can grab in safety, watch with entertainment as this toy gets pulled in all directions!
  • PERFECT FOR TOSSING: Mav4Life® dog rope toy is made with lightweight natural cotton material, which allows pet owners to easily toss this toy for training your pet for retrieving!
  • BUILT FOR SMALL CHEWERS: Built for all small & medium breed dogs and a perfect toy for puppies. Mav4Life® multi-rope chew toy will keep your dog or dogs distracted from destroying your couch, kids toys or even worse your shoes!