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Silly Willy™

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  • 32” Monster Size Quadruple Knot Dog Rope Chew Toy
  • DESIGNED TO WITHSTAND X-LARGE BREEDS: Do you want a monster size fun toy for your dog? You don't need to search anywhere else! Mav4Life® 32" Rope Toy is the largest rope toy on the market! It's extra long size is packaged with over 1" diameter thickness to withstand any dogs strength! Mav4Life® Extra Size Ropes are designed for powerful chewers with extra strength while ensuring longevity and comfort for the pet and owner!
  • PERFECT FOR DAY TRAINING!: Mav4Life® dog rope toys are designed for aggressive playing pets. While allowing owners to be close with their pet during playtime. Owners have the ability to focus on letting their dogs release energy in pulling, fetching or chewing!  Simultaneously owners can use Mav4Life® Rope Toy for training their pet to stop & play on command without damaging anything during the process!
  • RELIABLY SAFE: Mav4Life® premium quality dog rope is made from cotton. Majority of large dogs love to chew as they are equipped with powerful jaws and love to play with them. Most products on the market offer toys made with toxin bi-products that will damage a dogs teeth and worse can cause long-term health problems. Mav4Life® uses only natural products to manufacture toys & ensures a safe and healthy experience!
  • BIG DOGS BIG DOLLARS: Owners of large breeds understand the costs of owning a large dog. Large food & treat quantities add up! And if your big dog chews a lot most likely your going through a lot of toys as well. Keep your toy cost down with Mav4Life® Large breed 32" Rope toy & start saving today!  - click add to cart now!