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RAD Rescue

A couple months ago Mav4Life donated 50 dog toys to RAD Rescue. RAD is a volunteer dog rescue group in Tuscon, Arizona. The non-profit organization works primarily with senior dogs, with dogs suffering from severe medical or behavioral issues, and with dogs requiring hospice care. Here is what Jen from RAD Rescue had to say about the donation from Mav4Life:

"We LOVE our Mav4Life toys! RAD Rescue is a mixed bag of dog variety. We've handled everything from puppies to seniors and hospice care cases. We've handed out the rope toys to our foster homes interested and we've received wonderful reviews. The best example is a 10 month old lab mix puppy who basically chews and destroys every toy she gets her paws on. The Mav4Life toys have held up beautifully for Harmony. She has 4 foster furry siblings and they all get in on the tug-o-war action sometimes. Thank you so much for the donation. We greatly appreciate things like this for our rescue and our dogs."