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Charlie’s Foundation

Located in Redmond, Washington, Charlie’s Foundation is a non-profit rescue striving to improve the quality of life for senior dogs left behind in shelters. The organization firmly believes in providing care and compassion to these dogs in their golden years, as well as educating owners who feel like a shelter might be the only resource available for their senior pup companion. Senior dogs are often deemed less adoptable and are the first to be put to sleep when space is an issue. Charlie’s Foundation rescues these senior dogs and provides medical care and foster hospice care to these dogs in dire need.

In late September we sent 50 toys to Charlie’s Foundation because we believe dogs at every age deserve to have something to play with; after all, it’s the little things right? Seeing the pictures of these dogs playing with our toys and finding joy in such a simple gift, is all the proof we need to know that donating to rescues is worth our while! We are so happy to be able to provide our Mav4Life toys to adoptive dogs in need. Another magical #MavMoment for us and dogs across the country!