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Tips and Tricks About Your Pooch

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What to Keep Your Dog Away from in Your Yard

It is the idyllic sight – a pleasant and tidy yard with the family dog mooching around the place and tending to his canine business. Indeed, family dogs that have access to a yard are often the happiest pooches, but every dog owner would do well to take precautions to ensure that the environment is dog-safe. Some of them may surprise you, but there are quite a few things found in many yards that can pose a serious danger to dogs. We will look into these hazards and give a few tips on how to ensure your pet’s safety in...

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Common Mistakes that Make Dogs Hate Baths

Whether it’s your puppy’s first or weekly dog bath, you may have encountered a problem that bothers many pet parents – an unruly canine that hates baths. But why do dogs hate baths? The best way to avoid this issue, apart from knowing how to give a dog a bath properly, is to start early and get a puppy used to it as soon as possible. Early training and prevention form the most effective approach when it comes to raising a well-mannered dog, but even so, there are a few mistakes that many dog owners make during baths, which we...

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Pros and Cons of Having Dogs Sleep in Bed with You

Should I let my dog sleep with me? This is a question we hear time and time again. Like humans, dogs are incredibly diverse in character and, as such, the experience of having a dog in bed with you can vary a great deal. Still, there are a few well-known pros and cons associated with this way of life that every dog owner should be acquainted with.   Pros   Having a dog sleeping in bed with you is made easier by their natural ability to minimize their bowel and bladder activity at night, just like humans, which means they...

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Adoption Checklist: Are You Ready to Adopt a Dog?

Adopting a dog is one of the finer things you can do in life and it is a truly rewarding achievement. Getting a new pooch from a breeder is all well and good, but dog shelters are usually crawling with abandoned dogs in desperate need of a new home. The bond between an owner and his adopted pet is really something special, and the love an adopted dog can develop for their caretaker can really go to new depths. However, if the experience is to be pleasant and healthy for all involved, you must take note of a few crucial...

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Top Indestructible Chew Toys for Aggressive Pit Bulls

Everybody knows that the Pit Bull is a hell of an aggressive chewer who can do a lot of damage to all kinds of things that are unfortunate enough to end up in his jaws. These dogs need tough dog toys for aggressive chewers. Pit Bulls require indestructible dog toys that will last a long time and endure all kinds of brutal punishment. In that regard, we will take a look at five of the top indestructible chew toys for Pit Bulls that are not only tough but are also fun and stimulating. Of course, it’s paramount that the toy...

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How to Help a Dog with Separation Anxiety

Dogs are mammals - they have feelings. It should come as no surprise that they feel fear, anxiety, happiness, loneliness, and the whole gamut of emotions we have as humans. If you have a dog suffering from separation anxiety, there are many things you can do to help them. You can reduce excessive barking and destructive behavior in dogs with the tips provided. What is Separation Anxiety in Dogs Dogs worry that their owners will not come back. When separation anxiety in a dog presents itself, it is often because this dog is a rescue or has received some abusive...

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Dealing with Dog Anxiety

Is Your Dog Anxious? Dog anxiety is a fairly prevalent problem that can befall dogs of any shape, size, or breed for a number of reasons. While fear is a completely natural response that plays an important part in the survival mechanisms of dogs and almost all other creatures, our pets are also susceptible to chronic anxieties and even phobias that are associated with specific situations or objects. Therefore, anxiety in dogs is more than just a random scare and it goes beyond the basic fear response, as it often takes on the shape of an irrational, pointless phobia that can...

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10 Tips to Train Your Puppy from 8 Weeks On

Training your dog since puppyhood is the cornerstone of successful dog ownership. Moreover, as long as you approach the process with the right attitude, training your pup will be a fulfilling, mutually beneficial experience and a lot of fun. Eight weeks is a good place to start, but nothing is stopping you from introducing your dog to the fundamentals of discipline even earlier. Either way, these are the ten quintessential tips to get you started on the right track. All Things Puppy Training Potty Training When it comes to potty training, the name of the game is patience. You must...

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