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Tips and Tricks About Your Pooch

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Dealing with Dog Anxiety

Is Your Dog Anxious? Dog anxiety is a fairly prevalent problem that can befall dogs of any shape, size, or breed for a number of reasons. While fear is a completely natural response that plays an important part in the survival mechanisms of dogs and almost all other creatures, our pets are also susceptible to chronic anxieties and even phobias that are associated with specific situations or objects. Therefore, anxiety in dogs is more than just a random scare and it goes beyond the basic fear response, as it often takes on the shape of an irrational, pointless phobia that can...

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10 Tips to Train Your Puppy from 8 Weeks On

Training your dog since puppyhood is the cornerstone of successful dog ownership. Moreover, as long as you approach the process with the right attitude, training your pup will be a fulfilling, mutually beneficial experience and a lot of fun. Eight weeks is a good place to start, but nothing is stopping you from introducing your dog to the fundamentals of discipline even earlier. Either way, these are the ten quintessential tips to get you started on the right track. All Things Puppy Training Potty Training When it comes to potty training, the name of the game is patience. You must...

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Dog Grooming Advice That Works

Finding nail clippers for large dogs, and even nail clippers for small dogs, can be difficult. Make sure you dog’s puppy health is the main priority and make them feel loved by making sure that you groom your dog, and make him feel like a king or her a queen by the simple use of dog clippers! While, your dog may not seem like he loves having a bath or he might make you sweat when you try to cut his nails, it is incredibly important to cut your dog’s nails. Not using large dog nail clippers (small dog clippers...

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Leash Training 101: Do’s and Don'ts for Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Leash Training Everyone who has a dog for sure loves them dearly. There is something about having a pet that bonds you to them, even though when there is excessive shedding, drooling, peeing, pooping, and tugging on that leash. Before we get into it, it is a good idea to invest in a short training dog leash; especially when Labrador leash training—the bigger the dog the more important it is.   Labrador Leash Training: The Do’s Sometimes it can be embarrassing for many people when they cannot control their dog, and they may even begin to resent their beloved...

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All Things Labrador

Chocolate, Black, Yellow, and more! There are so many different kinds of Labrador Retrievers in the world to adore. This popular breed has been depicted for years in pop culture as the ideal family dog, and tons of American families currently own a Labrador. Labs are known for being very playful, loving, loyal and energetic dogs. The breed is classified as a sporting dog breed and they are commonly used to hunt. Like all dogs, labs have a keen sense of smell. They also have a very specific pointing stance they take while hunting. These attributes and more make labs...

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Tips to Introduce Your Dog to Your New Baby

Congratulations! You’ve just welcomed your bundle of joy and it is officially time to bring your newest family member home from the hospital. Life is about to change big time for your family, including your dog. It is important that you take the proper steps to introduce your baby to your fur child so things can go off without a hitch. Read on to learn what steps we recommend. Introduce Your Baby’s Scent to Your Dog Bring an article of clothing or a baby blanket back from the hospital so your dog can get acclimated to your baby’s scent. Make...

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The Best and Worst Foods to Feed Your Dog

If you’re like us, your dog is your absolute best friend. You two do everything together; from working out to watching movies. These activities are great ways for you to cultivate a deeper bond with your furry friend, but one thing you definitely shouldn’t do together is eat the same foods. It is imperative that dogs stick to the specific diets formulated for their bodies. Read on as we uncover the foods that can be consumed by dogs followed by an off-limits list. Please share this information with fellow dog lovers to get the word out.    Foods Your Dog...

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Tips for the Dog Days of Summer

It’s that time of the year we all love, yet at the same time all struggle with: summer time! We bask in the ideas of being carefree like we were as kids during this season. With trips to the beach, the park and longer but hotter days, there are endless opportunities to be outside soaking up as much Vitamin D as possible.  However, for us dog owners, it can be a trying time to keep our furry friends hydrated, cooled off, and properly exercised in the blistering heat. While it’s easy for us to start sweating by simply walking to...

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