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Why Puppy Training is Vital for a Happy Life

So far, we’ve shared many techniques for how you can train your new puppy, but we wanted to delve a little deeper into the reasons why it is so important to train your dog. Many people become overwhelmed after they get a new puppy and realize it is a lot more work than they originally thought it would be. Just like with childrearing, you truly get out the effort that you put in. Trust us when we say the outcome of an obedient dog is so worth the time and energy put into training as it has the power to positively impact both of your lives for years to come. Read on to find out why puppy training is necessary for a happy life.

  1. Build A Healthy Relationship With Your Dog

Training your dog from the start establishes the proper pecking order in the household. Your dog will start to understand the set roles of your family and learn to fit into his or her role with ease. Your furry companion will be more predictable and have more control in different life situations.  

  1. Teach Your Dog Life Skills

Now that your dog is in your home environment, they must learn how to adapt to their surroundings. Human rules are very different from canine rules, so there will be an adjustment period. Your dog needs to learn basic manners, and get both mental and physical exercise in order to avoid unfavorable behaviors caused by stress or anxiety.

  1. Keep Your Dog Safe from Harm

This is one of, if not the most important reason why training your puppy is necessary. If a trained dog were to see something and run out into the street, you can have more control over it than a dog that is untrained and unfamiliar with voice commands. Additionally, if there were ever an unfortunate time that your dog needed to be brought in to a shelter or rescue, their chances of adoption are greater when they come in as a trained animal.

  1. Help Your Dog Be Better Accepted

Whether you’re at the dog park, the vet, or just walking around the neighborhood, having a trained pup makes life easier and so much more enjoyable. Your dog will be welcomed happily by people you come into contact with, and people will want to see your well-behaved fur baby time and time again. You don’t want to have a dog that is constantly wreaking havoc everywhere you go.

  1. Have a Stronger Bond with Your Dog

Training inevitably take a lot of time, but the time devoted to your puppy in its early life stages will help lay down the foundation of a bond that will last forever. Spending hours teaching your puppy and playing with it will only serve you both in a pawsitive way.

  1. Live Happier Lives

A well-trained dog is a happy one, and a happy dog makes for one happy owner! Taking the proper steps to train your puppy now will help ensure you avoid any negative behavior issues that could arise down the road if you decide to forgo it. At the end of the day, training instills both a mutual trust and respect level between you and your dog.

As you start your dog’s training process, keep in mind this stage is only going to benefit both of your lives and bring you endless happiness, tail wags and sloppy kisses!

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