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Dog Grooming Advice That Works

Finding nail clippers for large dogs, and even nail clippers for small dogs, can be difficult. Make sure you dog’s puppy health is the main priority and make them feel loved by making sure that you groom your dog, and make him feel like a king or her a queen by the simple use of dog clippers! While, your dog may not seem like he loves having a bath or he might make you sweat when you try to cut his nails, it is incredibly important to cut your dog’s nails. Not using large dog nail clippers (small dog clippers and extra large dog nail clippers are also available) can result in your dog hurting other people, your children, you, or even himself (nails hook into things). Dog nails can get long and sharp fast if they are not tended to regularly.

Large Dog Nail Clippers: Grooming Tips

So, you have a labarador.  Those dogs are big and kind and beautiful, but you still need to get their nails trimmed.  Even though you’ve looked everywhere for a groomer, you can’t seem to find one!  Well, that’s because trimming a big, large dog’s nails can be difficult. Some people don’t even know there are nail clippers for dogs!

When purchasing large dog nail clippers, it is best to find some that are the correct size for your dog.  Some groomers recommend the “guillotine” large breed dog nail clippers.  They are simply nail cutters that have a large blade that come down to the nail. It’s also important to purchase small dog nail clippers made specifically for small dogs.  Be sure you purchase the correct clipper.

Caution: the blade should be nice and sharp; otherwise you will crush the nail and injure your furry friend.  Not sure he’ll be feeling puppy love after that.

Small Dog Nail Clippers: Grooming Tips

What if you have a tiny little Chihuahua with small toes nails—what do you do then?  Cutting a tiny dog’s nails can be really hard, maybe even just as hard as it would be to cut a larger dog’s nails.  Well, there are a lot of recommendations that vets can give you, some of which include the following.

The first thing that is recommended is to actually hold your dog in your arms.  You may not be able to do this with a large dog, but you can get a lot better control if you actually hold the dog.  When you hold them, make sure they are facing away from you.  Be sure before you cut that you have purchased small dog nail clippers. 

If your dog has clear toenails, you might be able to see the quick quite easily.  The quick is basically the skin that grows into the under of the dog’s nail.  Due to the rich blood supply there, you might hit it and your dog may bleed. If your dog has dark nails, it is recommended that you cut small, little bits at a time in order to make sure that you do not cut the quick and hurt your doggy.

And there it is!  Now, you know exactly what kind of clippers to buy for your big dog and a good way to clip the nails of your small dog!  Hopefully this helps a lot when you’re clipping your dog’s nail on those nights that it is time to get him all cleaned up.

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