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Best and Worst Chew Toys for Your Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers are known for being the epitome of the perfect family dog. This well-known breed is consistently praised for having loyal, compassionate and friendly demeanors. Your Labrador is sure to bring you a lifetime of love, happiness and fun. Below we are going to share the best chew toys for your furry friend; read on to see what we recommend.

Since they are known for being highly intelligent animals, it is important for them to receive enough play time and to have multiple different toys. A variety of toys will keep them entertained throughout the day, whereas sticking to just one toy might lead to boredom and chewed up furniture or personal items. 

Toys Your Lab Should Avoid

Labs should not be given stuffed toys as they can be easily torn apart. Also, any stuffing or loose parts could be swallowed and lead to health problems. It is important for any deteriorated toys to be replaced as they can pose a risk as well.  Another misconception in the doggy chew toy world is that rawhide is good for them. These chew toys are often marketed as being natural and healthy for dogs, but are often artificial and riddled with large amounts of toxic chemicals. There has also been evidence that some rawhide chews contain Salmonella or E.coli which can put both you and your dog at risk. For heavy chewers like labs these toys are a poor option.

The Best Chew Toys for Your Furry Friend

Heavy duty rope toys are a great option for your Labrador retriever. Not only are these toys easy to wash, they can help keep your pup’s teeth clean as well. Rope toys offer many great benefits as the material can be soaked in yummy flavors for your dog to enjoy. They can also be soaked in water and frozen to sooth your dog’s teeth and gums. Another option for your dog is a rubber chew toy. High-quality, hard rubber toys work best in terms of durability, and these toys will offer your dog a great mouth and jaw workout.

As mentioned earlier, labs are an extremely intelligent breed. Investing in some puzzle games, or even creating your own are great options to keep your dog mentally stimulated for hours on end.  

When thinking about attributes in the kinds of chew toys you want to get for your lab, quality and safety should be at the top of your list. Mav4Life dog toys are created with your dog’s best interest at heart. All toys are made with safe materials and they are ideal for large dog breeds like labs.

We hope you gained a few pointers on what kinds of chew toys to get for your Labrador Retriever. Now it’s time to get outside and get playing with your pooch!

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