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Tips and Tricks About Your Pooch

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Top Mistakes That New Dog Owners Make

Too many times we adopt a dog because they look cute or we have always admired the breed.  However, whichever dog you choose to allow into your home and your life must be a good choice based on circumstance and common sense.  While it is impossible not to be swayed by a dog’s appeal, it is always wise to incorporate your head to give a little balance to the decisions you make with your heart. Train the Trainer It is never too soon to start training your dog.  As soon as they enter your home you should set about instilling...

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How to Help Your Dog Hate Car Rides Less

Some dogs hate car journeys.  This might be because he gets carsick or he associates car journeys with unpleasant visits to the vet.  There are ways you can get around this though and make car journeys that you can both actually enjoy. Puppies sometimes feel sick because the anatomy of their ears, which controls balance, makes them feel dizzy and sick when they are in a travelling car.  This should pass as the dog matures, but in the meantime, it is well worth trying different ways of combating it. Typical symptoms that your dog has car aversion could include whining...

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The Truth about Invisible Fences for Dogs

Invisible fences are becoming more and more popular among dog owners in modern times. Unfortunately, they are also the source of heated debates regarding their effectiveness as well as whether or not they are humane. In the end, invisible fences may not be the best option for every type of dog or situation. This article will discuss some of the positives and negatives of invisible fences, enabling you to decide if they are the right solution for your furry companion. Positives An inexpensive and discreet system Anyone who has priced conventional privacy fences will know that they are anything but...

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My Dog Ran Away, What Can I Do?

Every dog owner dreads the prospect, but it happens more often than we’d like to think. Usually there’s no good reason for it either. Dogs will just sometimes stray off the path or run away chasing after a scent or a wild animal, even if they’re the happiest family pet in the world. It’s often a result of insufficient training and discipline, but after a dog has run away, it’s too late to think about that for the time being, so here are a few things that you can do in the immediate aftermath. React as It Happens If your...

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How to Bring Your Dog on a Road Trip

Road Trips with Dogs   More and more shops, restaurants and other public places are becoming dog-friendly these days. As a result, you can bring your furry companion with you almost anywhere you go. While this can be a wonderful treat, it brings up the issue of car safety. The bottom line is that many injuries and deaths occur each year to dogs and people alike as a result of poor travel safety practices. This article will provide some tips on how to take a road trip with dogs in the safest way possible.   Don’t leave your dog loose Even...

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Exercise Tips for Your Dog Over Summer

As all responsible dog owners know, dog exercise is an integral part of life for a pet parent. Providing your dog with exercise is a year-round effort, of course, but summer is really where it’s at when we’re talking about going outside, seizing the day and engaging in meaningful physical activity.   It’s also important to stay safe though and, while summer provides ample opportunity to get out there and play or exercise with your pooch, the heat itself can be a challenge. Here are a few tips to help you adapt and give your dog exercise in a way...

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Help Your Dog Handle the Fireworks on the 4th of July

As dog owners throughout America and the world are all too aware, pets and fireworks get along about as well as snails and highways. The 4th of July is a day of celebration and joy for most people, but it is also a day that is deeply dreaded by many of our canine companions. Dogs are our best friends, but this holiday is just something that we will never agree on. The same applies to the second-worst day for dogs, which is New Year’s.   A dog’s disdain for fireworks and explosions is natural, of course, but different dogs will...

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My Dog’s Breath Stinks; Now What?

Bad breath is a problem that can transcend species, it seems, as even dogs fall victim to the plague of halitosis. It’s not as scary as it sounds though – if you can determine what causes bad breath in dogs, you can likely defeat it. It is, however, not a symptom to be ignored, as bad breath in dogs can be a red flag of a lot of different illnesses or an indication that your dog needs a veterinary visit, especially if bad breath is persistent and hard to get rid of. Read on to find out how to fix...

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