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The Best Toys for Poodles

Poodle characteristics make them renowned for being a particularly intelligent species of dog. This can make owning a Poodle a wonderful experience in many ways. One advantage of their intelligence is that they are easy to train, meaning that they will be generally well behaved throughout their life. However, high levels of intelligence in a dog can have its disadvantages as well. This is particularly true for dog owners who have a busy schedule, resulting in their dog being left alone for long periods of time. Loneliness can lead to boredom, which can lead to depression and troubled behavior. Providing your dog with the right toys is a perfect way to ensure that alone time isn’t boring. The following list of toys is perfect for Poodles as they will keep them mentally and physically active all day long.


Toys for Teething

If you have a Poodle puppy, it is critical that you get toys that help him to teethe properly. The teething phase of a Poodle can start between 3-4 months of age and last until 7-8 months of age. One thing to keep in mind is that no single toy will satisfy the various sensations your puppy feels while teething. Therefore, it is important to provide a variety of toys that he can choose from to suit his mood. Soft toys, such as the CowboyTM, are a must as they provide a scratchy texture that can soothe your puppy’s itchy gums. Small, hard rubber toys are important as they provide a massaging effect on your puppy’s gums. Make sure that these toys are small enough for your Poodle puppy to be able to get his tiny mouth around easily.

Regular Chew Toys

Once your puppy has developed a healthy set of teeth it will want to use those teeth as often as possible. Providing a good set of toys will not only give him the chewing exercise he craves, but it will also protect your favorite pair of slippers. Ragdoll TM is one of the most popular chew toys for Poodles as they are virtually indestructible. The size-coded system will help you to know which ones are best for your dog. Kongs are another ideal chew toy as they are also virtually indestructible. What makes Kongs so good is that they are filled with treats that your Poodle can coax out, which keeps him from getting bored as he chews. The most important thing is to make sure that the chew toys you provide are safe for your dog. If they are easy to shred they can create a choking hazard. Therefore, always stick to toys that are all but indestructible.

Engaging Toys

Since Poodles are intelligent, they need toys that engage their minds. Any toy that makes noise is ideal as it makes them feel less alone. When a toy reacts when it is hit or chewed on, your Poodle will feel as though he is being interacted with, making it seem more like a game than simply killing time. Furthermore, if you provide toys that move around a lot this will create a sense of chasing that keeps your dog happy and entertained for hours on end. Dodger TM is an ideal toy as they not only roll around, but they also soft so can be tossed around in the house. Another option is a line of toys called Look Who’s Talking. These are regular stuffed animal toys that have different sounds depending on their form. This will give your Poodle a virtual friend to play with while you are away from home.