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The Best Toys for Huskies

Buying the best toys for Huskies can be a real challenge. One of the biggest problems with most toys is that they simply don’t stand up to the abuse that Huskies are renowned for. With strong teeth, killer jaws and high levels of energy, Huskies can turn almost any toy into a pile of scrap in the blink of an eye. Fortunately, there are several toys available for Huskies that have been tried, tested and proven capable of withstanding the demands your dog will place on them. When you buy any of the toys listed below, you can be sure that you will bring home something your dog will enjoy for many months to come.

Mav4Life Chew Toys

A good dog parent knows that a dog needs a variety of chew toys. While hard rubber and plastic chew toys will last longer, that isn’t to say that they satisfy all of your dog’s chewing needs. Sometimes your dog will want to chew on something softer, such as cloth or rope. Fortunately, Mav4Life provides a line of soft chew toys that will do the trick for your Husky. Made out of strong, durable - yet soft - rope, these toys can act as chew toys or tug-of-war toys, with the strength and resilience needed to provide months of happy play time.

JWPets Treat Balls

Any pet dispensing toy will be a winner with a Husky, especially if it’s a puppy. However, when the treat dispensing toy is a ball as well, then you have the perfect toy. JWPets has created a few variations on just such a theme, producing toys that will keep your Husky active and engaged for hours on end. Treat Pods, Hol-ee Treat Balls and Rockin Treat Balls are three of their best sellers. Each of these toys is made of durable materials that offer both simple fun and puzzle solving challenges. By rolling and sliding the toys around, your dog can coax out treats, getting a reward for intelligent play.

Tuffie Toys

Tuffie is a brand that has excelled in making toys that can stand up to even the most ferocious dogs. Huskies are all too often robbed of the fun of playing with plush toys since they have a tendency of destroying such toys. However, Tuffie plush toys are built to withstand many of the rigors your dog can provide. It is important to make sure that harder chew toys are available at the same time, as these toys aren’t quite capable of being all-out chew toys. That said, these toys will provide your dog with hours of soft companionship that they will enjoy immensely.

Ball Toys

Huskies are one of the most energetic breeds of dogs you can find. As a result, they require a great deal of exercise to keep from getting bored and depressed. Since many dog owners work all day, this means that you have to rely on the right toys to provide the exercise your dog needs. Ball toys are ideal for this, as they make your dog run and chase while they play—two things Huskies love to do. Dodger TM is a Mav4Life toy that is large enough and tough enough to meet your Husky’s needs.

Kong Toys

Kong is a company that makes strong, durable chew toys for dogs that can be filled with all sorts of treats. One advantage to Kong toys is that they come in all shapes and sizes, so you aren’t restricted to the common ball or bone shape. The different varieties include toys that wobble, bounce and roll, as well as standard chew toys.  Kong is the perfect brand for anyone who owns a Husky.


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