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The Best Toys for Beagles

Beagles are wonderful family pets that have a lot of energy and a great thirst for fun. Whether it is outdoors or during a leisurely afternoon in your living room, a Beagle can benefit a whole lot from the wide range of quality toys that are available on the market. Of course, creativity is always welcome, so it’s possible to craft your own toys that can be just as entertaining.


Either way, playtime and regular interaction with your Beagle are essential to the dog’s mental and physical health. Dog toys play an important role in that regard, and we will thus look at a few good choices for this particular breed. 


Mav4Life Rope Toys


Mav4Life Rope Toys come in all shapes and sizes. Designed for puppies, small, mid and large breeds. All dogs have can definitely enjoy these rope toys for teething, tug of wars or for training. The ropes are designed to withstand weather elements allowing them to be used indoors or outdoors! All toys are made from organic cotton and are healthy for dog chewing, playful or aggressive. Dog lovers can visit Mav4Life to see a wide variety of dog toys with descriptions and charting sizes to determine the best Mav4Life dog toy for ones BFF.



Rawhide Bones


Maybe rawhide products don’t fit as seamlessly into the toy category, but they can definitely fulfill the purpose of a chew toy rather well. Like all other dogs, Beagle pups are prone to teething discomfort while they are still puppies. A durable rawhide bone can endure for a long time before an adult Beagle chews it down to a nub, let alone a puppy. In that time, your pup will relieve a lot of annoying itching and growing pains by chewing on the bone daily. There are other, synthetic chew toys out there, but rawhide is usually the most appealing material, which makes it one of the most popular chews to this day. Just be sure to acquire rawhide products from reputable brands and beware the country of origin. There is a lot of controversy around rawhide, and most of it is because of unsafe, heavily processed, and sometimes even toxic or indigestible rawhide that is imported from countries where regulation leaves a lot to be desired.


The Fire Biterz Lizard


These toys, made by Outward Hound, are made out of tough fibers similar to those used to make fire hoses. As such, the Fire Biterz Lizard will be able to endure a lot of aggression before it falls apart. If your dog likes to tear soft toys apart but you want to avoid him eating the stuffing, this product will work out great for you. A Beagle is unlikely to open the toy up in the first place, but even if he does, you need not worry because there is no stuffing. These lizards come in a variety of colors and sizes, and are equipped with squeakers that make them more interactive.


The Kong Cozie


As you may or may not know, Kong is one of the most prominent names in the dog toy industry. They have been around for decades and their products are many. If your Beagle is a cuddly pooch, Kong’s Cozie plush toy can keep him company when he is alone. This toy has a place in many playful activities and it has squeakers on the inside, which go a long way toward keeping a dog interested. Unless your Beagle is really persistent and destructive, the Cozie toy should last quite a while. Moderate chewing won’t cause much damage at all, and most dogs will like to gnaw on the toy’s limbs or ears.


Pet-It Large Cotton Rope Toy


This one is a large and durable rope toy with multiple tough knots. That’s a simple enough design as far as dog toys go, but ropes make for a lot of fun with dogs. The rope is rather thick and heavy enough to throw for a game of fetch. Its durability allows one to use the toy safely if the dog likes to tug, as many pooches do. Of course, this product can also serve as a basic chew toy that your dog can gnaw on when bored. The material is perfectly safe and non-toxic, and the toy has the added advantage of cleaning your dog’s teeth and preventing plaque buildup.


The Kong Wobbler


Nothing can interest a dog quite like tasty snacks, and the Wobbler takes full advantage of this fact. This is essentially a treat-dispensing toy, similar in design to Kong’s classic chew toys, which can be opened and filled with your dog’s favorite treats. The fact that the Wobbler can be split in two allows for easier cleaning as well. The toy is durable and a Beagle will be able to gnaw at it for a long time, if not forever. When you place the Wobbler on the floor, it will stand upright, but thanks to its unique design, it will bounce back up when your pooch tries to knock it over. And knock it over he will, because getting all the food out of the Wobbler can take a lot of effort and time. This is also what makes the toy excellent for keeping your Beagle pups occupied, even when he’s alone.

To read more on different chew toys for Beagles visit Mav4Life.