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The Best Chew Toys for Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers are born like humans, without any teeth. They get their deciduous teeth at about 6 to 8 weeks, which is when they start chewing. They have several stages of intense itching and varying levels of discomfort and so require a range of teething chew toys to satisfy their needs until they reach adulthood. Then their chewing habits will change and they will chew mainly to relieve boredom and stress.

Teething toys for a Yorkie puppy need to be small enough to fit in their small mouths, as well as flexible and chewable with a satisfying texture. The two best types are rope types that can be frozen for a cooling sensation and rubber chew toys with tiny bumps that help to massage and scratch itches. These will help to safeguard your home and contents from the teeth of your Yorkie puppy.

Rope Toys by Mav4Life come in all shapes and sizes. Designed for puppies, small, medium and large dogs. Manufactured with organic cotton and engineered for playtime, training and releasing energy for chewers. There is a good range of chew toys sized for the smaller mouths of Yorkies with their sharp teeth that are almost indestructible. When you are looking for toys that will appeal more than your shoes or furniture, toys with scent and taste, these are the best on the market.

Nylabone petite teething toys are the right size to fit the mouth and have tiny bumps to relieve mouth itching

Mini Ropes by Activpet are long lasting and the right size. They are easily cleaned and can be frozen to soothe sore gums.

Nylabone Original and Bacon Petite are some of the toughest and bestselling flavored chew toys on the market, with a bacon smell that lasts for months.

Benebone is another bacon flavored chew toy made from pure nylon, it is the ideal size for your Yorkie mouth.

Westpaw makes a range of small chew toys that are guaranteed to last!

PetQuerks make a small chew toy that is just ideal for Yorkies. It is filled with natural peanut butter and has very small holes so the flavor comes out when chewed, keeping Yorkies happy for hours.

Busy Buddy Barnacle Toy come in very small sizes that are great for Yorkies less than 10 lbs. These can be filled with treats such as kibble.

Twist n Treat by PetSafe as well as their Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude Toy are well matched for keeping Yorkies busy and entertained for hours.

“Stay Busy Toys” have interesting sounds. These long lasting chew toys will help to keep your Yorkshire Terrier happy when left alone at home.

Babble Balls are talking chew toys with 20 plus phrases to entertain your Yorkie while you are out.

Look Who’s Talking toys come in a wide range of heavy duty stuffed animals that make sounds, they are very durable and have a long life.


Other Super Tough Yorkie Chew Toys

Kong makes Squeakair mini tennis balls that come in a pack of three, the perfect size for your Yorkies mouth. They are a great throw and catch toy or can be used as a chew in your puppy’s crate or play pen.

Wubba is a great choice of chew toy for adult Yorkshire Terriers. It contains two balls - one that squeaks in a tough fabric cover that includes an interesting tail to chew on.

Outward Hound’s Hide A Squirrel is a very tough, soft, all fabric toy. Hiding the included fabric squirrels inside makes this a challenging and interesting toy giving your Yorkie lots of fun sniffing them out.

Outward Hound also makes a mini fun puzzle game so you can spend time with Yorkie while it learns to sniff out the hidden treats.

Kong Puppy Dog Toy X Small is made from long lasting, nontoxic rubber and can be stuffed with treats.

Knog Cozies Dog Squeaky Toy are not really chew toys, but are tough cuddle toys to lick and suck

Multipet Nuts for Nuts make an affordable heavy duty, pope chew with a large knot and a loop for tugging games.

Best Bully Sticks, makers of Supreme Bully Sticks, is a totally edible all natural long lasting chew that is chemical free and high in vitamins and proteins to clean and strengthen teeth.

The Original Himalayan Dog Chew are made by boiling yak and cow’s milk together before drying it for several weeks to make a hard very long lasting chew, giving hours of high quality eating entertainment.

With all the chew toys now available, a good selection can be found at most large pet store or online and will give your Yorkie puppy hours of pleasure and entertainment.