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The Best Chew Toys for Weimaraners

Weimaraners, like all dogs, love to chew, but they tend to be a bit more fussy about the type of chew they prefer. Of course, any chew that is packed full of dog friendly flavor is going to be well received.

It is very important for your dogs to chew for oral and mental health. When a dog chews it helps to keep his or her teeth clean as well as exercising the body and mind. Having a good chew on a toy is a great way to prevent behavior problems and stop the dog chewing on inappropriate objects.

Active, intelligent dogs like Weimaraners need toys. They are not some optional luxury item. In fact, they are vital, a necessity when you consider that most Weimaraners spend a disproportionate of their time alone. They need something to occupy their minds. Giving your Weimaraner a wide variety of chew toys is the best way to help optimize your dog's obedience, energy and happiness. Because they usually form very intense attachments to people, many Weimaraners are known to suffer from separation anxiety when left alone because they miss their human friends.

After a puppy has chewed for about 30 minutes, they tend to feel contented and more likely to want to sleep than to run around.

It should be understood that dogs, especially large dogs like Weimaraners, have a very powerful bite and can easily destroy most chew toys. Everything your dog puts in his or her mouth, unfortunately, has a potential for harm. Anything from choking or a stomach upset to breaking a tooth could happen when your dog chews, so it is important to monitor them while they are chewing new toys until you determine their durability. Finding dog chew toys for aggressive chewers can be difficult but we've compiled a list of the best ones on the market. 

Some Weimaraners will chew anything, but some of the pickier dogs will need to have a tasty chew to keep them interested.

Suitable types of Chews for Weimaraners

The original Black Kong Chew Toy is still one of the best value toys. It is large enough to fit well into the mouth and has a hole in the end where you can hide a tasty snack treat for your dog to “find.” Kong also makes a wide range of durable chewable toys.

A treat dispenser is another type of play/chew toy that will keep your Weimaraner busy for hours trying to get the food out.

Nylabones are great as they do not need to be stuffed with food for a long-lasting chew toy. They come in a good range of different textures but, for your Weimaraner, you will need the toughest ones made for heavy chewers.

Weimaraners have soft mouths and usually do not like to play with very hard objects so soft rope or fleecy rope “Mav4Life” toys are ideal chew toys. They are often used for tug of war type games between you and your dog. The best ones are made from finely woven cotton as they are easily washed using organic soap and thorough rinsing to stop them smelling. Most popular toy for Weimy’s from Mav4Life line is the 9.5” Boy Tall with Handle.

There are also many natural chew toys and treats on the market that are great for Weimaraners, but many dogs are quite sensitive and can quickly form allergies, so be sure that the ones you buy are made in the U.S. and they are all natural without additives. Some of the imported toys like the Chinese chew toys contain lots of harmful additives and chemicals and need to be avoided.

Try high quality rolled Rawhide. Check it to be sure it is made from one thick sheet, rather than layers. Look at the rawhide from the side. This makes a great chew that also provides nutrients your dog needs.

Chews made from root stumps are also a good healthy alternative to rubber. They do not splinter or break off in little harmful chips like a piece of wood can.

Many people like to give their Weimaraners fresh pig ears and young deer antlers as a tasty chew snack to keep them busy. Another good product is freeze dried duck or chicken feet.

The type of “chew toy” you decide to pick out for your Weimaraner is a personal choice but he or she does not really mind. Remember that they just love to chew. The bigger variety of play things you can offer and the tastier, the better. A chewing dog is a happy contented dog. For a larger list of Weimaraner chew toys click here.