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The Best Chew Toys for Pugs

The adorable and goofy pug is one of the smaller dogs out there and can’t do that much damage when compared to larger breeds. Nonetheless, Pugs have a natural urge to chew on things just like any other dog, especially if they are teething. When it comes to choosing chew toys for Pugs, a lot of the usual precautions and criteria remain in effect. Pug chew toys need to be non-toxic, appropriate in size, and not easy to break.

Still, while some toys such as those that are plush and made out of cotton aren’t the safest for powerful dogs like German Shepherds or Labs, a lot of them can work well for Pugs. A Pug doesn’t have the capacity to swallow large chunks of anything, and he may not even be able to tear a plush toy apart of it’s a bit more durable. Therefore, it’s safe to say that Pug owners generally have a rather wide range of chew toys to choose from for their pets. Keeping all that in mind, we’ll take a brief look at five chew toys that are suitable for these cute dogs.

5 of the Best Pug Chew Toys

1)    Some of the most popular chew toys out there are rawhide bones. The main reason for this popularity has to be the fact that dogs simply adore them. Classifying them as toys may be less accurate than calling them treats, though, but the fact that they may last for quite a while does make them toys to an extent. This is especially case with Pugs because they will have to gnaw at them until they grind them down to a nub, which can take a long time.

It’s important to note that there is a fair bit of controversy associated with rawhide chew toys, but as long as you go with proven brands, the risks are minimal. The main danger of rawhide bones is to large dogs and power chewers, which Pugs are not. This danger is in the fact that some strong dogs may be able to break off large chunks that can pose a choking hazard or prove indigestible. For a small dog such as a Pug, these risks should be negligible. Still, it’s always a good idea to consult your veterinarian when it comes to rawhide chew toys.

2)    Apart from their traditionally tough chew toys for power chewers, the famous Kong Company also makes certain products that are more suitable for dogs such as Pugs. One such product is a plush dog toy called Cozie. This is more than a chew toy, as it is a cuddly toy to keep your dog company and allow for other kinds of playtime too. Nonetheless, your Pug will be more than welcome to gnaw at the toy’s ears, feet or nose. Kong Cozie also has squeakers tucked away inside to make the toy more engaging. This toy is far from indestructible, but it should last a considerable while for a regular Pug.

3)    As always, tug toys are advisable if you are to meet your dog’s chewy needs. Pugs are no exception, and they certainly enjoy some tug-of-war.  A good product in this regard is the Dean & Tyler Training Bite Tug, which is a simplistic, sturdy design with straps on both sides. Apart from playing tug with your Pug, the dog will be able to gnaw on this chew toy on his own as well without quickly ruining it. The Mav4Life Tough Dog Rope Ball Toy with Handle is also a perfect tug toy for a pug! Not too small, but big enough for them at any size.

4)    The Fire Biterz Lizards from Outward Hound are also very interesting dog chew toys that are suitable for Pugs. This toy is marketed as highly durable and able to endure much punishment from most dogs. While German Shepherds, Pit Bulls and the like may be able to tear these toys apart, they will make outstanding pug chew toys. The Fire Biterz Lizard is made of very tough fabrics, the likes of which are used to make fire hoses. Furthermore, the toy has squeakers and no stuffing at all, which is a great advantage if you are worried about your Pug eating cotton stuffing.
5)    This same company sells the so-called Invincibles Plush Snake, which is even tougher than other chews, according to many dog owners. These chew toys are also squeaky and unstuffed. The main difference, when compared to the Lizard, is the appearance and reported sturdiness. The squeakers on both of these toys are also very resilient and will work even if they are punctured by your Pug’s persistent biting.