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The Best Chew Toys for Labs

Labrador Retrievers are clever dogs that find themselves among the top-ranking breeds when it comes to dog intelligence. In addition to that, they are very energetic and physically active dogs. Therefore, Labs need to keep their mind occupied and their energy channeled in the right direction, as they might otherwise get up to some trouble. Most owners of these wonderful pets know how much they like to exert their energy through chewing, and if you don’t provide a solution to this need, Labs can end up gnawing at your furniture, footwear or anything else in sight.
That is where chew toys come into play because this is one of the breeds for which such toys are all but a necessity. Luckily, when it comes to dog chew toys on the market right now, there are quite a few good and affordable options to be found. The best chew toys for Labs need to be fairly durable due to their high energy level and persistence, but they also need to be fun and engaging. The following is a list of five choice chew toys that come highly recommended for Labs.


5 of the Best Labrador Toys

1)    The perfect fetch toy for a Lab is the Mav4Life Extra Large Rope Ball Toy! It is durable, and simply fun to include in playtime. Also, few are the Labs that won’t enjoy the Kong Classic toy as well. These chew toys are a favorite for almost all breeds due to their quality and genius simplicity. Unless your dog is a true terminator, the Kong Classic will endure for quite a while thanks to its durable, high-quality rubber. In addition to the toy being bouncy, its snowman design will make it bounce in unpredictable directions when it’s thrown, which will excite your dog during games of fetch. Another thing that makes this a good fetch toy is its red color, which helps both you and your dog to find it quite easily outside. The Kong Classic also does an excellent job at keeping your dog busy and providing something to occupy his mind when he is alone because it can be stuffed with tasty treats.

2)    Another versatile toy from Kong is their Wubba toy, which works well both as a fetch and tug toy. The Wubba may not be the toughest of chew toys because it is made of fabrics for the most part, but it is quite strong nonetheless. The materials used are a resilient form of nylon fabric, in which two balls are wrapped up. These balls are a squeaker and a tennis ball-size one. The squid-looking toy has fabric legs that hang from the knot that keeps the balls enclosed, and these are what make the Wubba usable as a tug toy. Furthermore, the tentacles make it easy to spin the toy and easily chuck it to a considerable distance.

3)    Labs are certainly big fans of charging out into the field to retrieve and fetch, so there are a couple of other toys to consider in this regard. Yet another Kong’s product that does a great job in this regard is the Kong Squeezz toy. This rubber toy is shaped like a good old-fashioned stick, and it is more durable than the Wubba. The Squeezz products make even better chew toys due to their material and shape, while still being excellent for games of fetch. These toys also have a squeaker tucked away inside, and squeakers always make any toy more exciting. Being meant to resemble a natural stick, the Squeezz has a few nubs here and there, which make it pleasant to chew on if a dog is teething as well.

4)    If you and your Lab would rather go for something more simplistic but are sick of going through five tennis balls a week, then you should consider Planet Dog’s Orbee Balls. These balls come in a variety of sizes and colors, suitable for dogs of all ages. They are tough and will last a long time, while also being very simplistic in their design. Their durability makes them suitable chew toys too, which means versatility. The Orbee Ball comes in bright, vibrant colors and they are also buoyant. All this makes this ball a good, long-term solution for games of fetch in any conditions.

5)    The perfect toy to close things off is the popular Kong Wobbler. These are treat-dispensing dog chew toys made of the same material and looking a lot like the Classic. However, they are much better suited for filling with food and treats to make them the ultimate boredom killer. The Wobbler can be opened and split in two, which makes both filling and cleaning easier. Your Lab will also have fun trying to knock the toy over because it stands up when placed and wobbles to the side when pushed. Labs can spend hours on end gnawing, kicking, pushing, and licking at the Wobbler, trying to get every bit of food out.

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