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The Best Chew Toys for Goldens

In a lot of ways, Golden Retrievers are like Labradors, but they aren’t quite the same. For one, they look a fair bit different, but that much is obvious. The other ways in which they differ mostly concern their energy levels and a few behaviors. Despite that, both of these breeds are retrievers, meaning that they will enjoy many of the same activities. When it comes to chew toys, most what’s appropriate and entertaining as the best chew toys for Labs will work quite well with Goldens too.

As always with dog chew toys, you just need to bear in mind the size and the quality. Although they are not the most ferocious of dogs, Golden Retriever toys will still need to be quite durable and big enough for your particular dog’s age. Remember, if dog chew toys are small enough to swallow, you should always assume that your dog will do just that, and this is a serious choking hazard. Buying chew toys for large breed dogs is thus very important. The same applies to breakaway parts of toys that can’t withstand the dog’s bite. Fulfilling these criteria, the following are five chew toys that agree with Goldens.   


5 of the Best Golden Retriever Toys

1)    As you have probably gathered by now, Golden Retrievers like to fetch as well as chew. For most people, tennis balls do just fine when it comes to games of fetch. The problems start when a Golden Retriever wants to chew on something and goes for that same ball. Therefore, choose something stronger than a typical tennis ball, like the Mav4Life Extra Large Rope Ball Toy! Perfect for playing fetch, and your dog won't be able to destroy it. 

A great, one time purchase alternative to that would be the famed Ultra Ball, made by “Chuckit!” These balls can withstand a lot of torture, which makes them work fairly well as chew toys, and they are suitable for all conditions and environments. These make very successful Golden Retriever toys that countless dogs and their owners adore. They can also be acquired in different sizes and versions, including squeaky ones. Furthermore, Chuckit! also offers launchers for their Ultra Balls, which allow you to throw the ball much further with ease.
2)    Another highly recommended fetch toy has to be WestPaw’s Hurley Zogoflex bone. These rubber bones are made of the trademarked Zogoflex rubber that is very tough and makes Hurleys outstanding chew toys too. The Zogoflex rubber is certified as non-toxic, is FDA-approved and made in the USA. This toy boasts a slick design and is quite bouncy. Despite its toughness and sturdy build, the Hurley is still buoyant. This is a great advantage because Golden Retriever toys are bound to end up in water if you want to allow your dog to have the most fun. We all know how much retriever dogs love to swim and jump into lakes to retrieve and fetch. Golden Retrievers are no exception in this regard.  

3)    If you and your pet wish to focus on the healthy side of things when it comes to these products, some dog chew toys are better than others. Nylabone’s Flexible Dental Bones, for instance, are chew toys that focus specifically on this side of things. This bone’s build is heavily textured, with many nubs and jags all over the toy. These protrusions and bumps work well with the toy’s softness and flexibility to help clean your Golden Retriever’s teeth and maintain good oral hygiene. These may not be the toughest chew toys around, but they are very beneficial and quite affordable nonetheless. Just make sure you pick the version that’s just right for your dog’s size and age.

4)    There are also quite a few flavored chew toys available to you and your pet. A quality example would be the Benebone Wishbone that boasts a bacon flavor. Few are the dogs that can resist the allure of bacon, so this toy is bound to pique a lot of interest and keep your dog gnawing at it for hours. These are very popular Golden Retriever toys, although they are suitable for many other breeds too. As the name suggests, these chew toys are shaped like wishbones and they have a very natural appearance. They can also last quite a while and are made of safe materials in the United States.  

5)    To close the list off, there is yet another quality product coming from WestPaw. The Zogoflex Tux is a durable, non-toxic product that has the added advantage of being a treat dispenser. There is a compartment on the bottom side where you can insert your Golden’s favorite snacks to keep him distracted and occupied for hours on end. These chew toys also come in different sizes and colors, to make them suitable for dogs of different sizes as well as for outdoor use.

For even more information, check out our E-Book on the top toys for Golden Retrievers!