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The Best Chew Toys For German Shepherds

German Shepherds are wonderful pets, but also very heavy chewers with an innate need to chew, shred, pull and tear in the same way they would do if they were in the wild. It’s in their nature and, like most big dogs, they have extremely powerful jaws with teeth to match.

When you decide to buy toys for your German Shepherd, there is little point in buying cheap toys that may suit a small dog, as they will just be gone in minutes.

Think of buying German Shepherd toys as an investment to not only provide entertainment and relaxation (yes, they like to relax chewing on a good bone or toy) for your dog. They prevent destructive chewing because if you don’t provide something for them to chew, they will chew whatever is available.

There is just no such thing as an indestructible dog toy for Geman Shepherd dogs. All toys are doomed from the start. The only thing that makes any sense is to spend the money and buy the best toys available. While they will not last forever, high quality, durable, practical and safe toys will last for months and some even years.

Many types of toys will just not stand up to your German Shepherd. Avoid latex and vinyl, plush or stuffed toys and any toys that contain squeakers or bells as these are not tough enough and will quickly be destroyed and become a probable choking hazard.

Whenever you give your German Shepherd a new toy, it is important to supervise him until you are sure the toy will survive. You will know when the toy is no longer good, but do not wait until bits start coming off as your dog will eat them.

There are really only a few types of chew toys suitable for German Shepherds. Those made of real hard rubber, non-toxic Ultra Flex carbon and cotton rope are the best. Apart from them being durable, these dog toys are easily cleaned so will not smell. Some toys made from rawhide are also okay, but they do not have a very long life.

Our pick of the three top brands of chew toys are

"Mav 4 Life, “Goughnuts”, “Kong” and “Ethical Pets”

Mav4Life sells durable rope toys that focus on being a daily distraction for teething puppies, aggressive dog chewers & playful large breed Shepherds. Mav4Life most popular rope chew toy for Shepherds is the 15.5” Extra Large Rope Ball Toy.

Most of these toys are multi-functional. They float and are perfect for a game of fetch to keep your dog amused for hours. By having a variety of chew toys you will keep your German Shepherd interested and stimulated.

Goughnuts line of dog toys offers a lifetime replacement promise. If your dog chews through the tough outer layer and exposes the red inside, the company will replace it free, every time. This makes them incredibly good value for German Shepherds, giving you an endless supply of chew toys.

Goughnut dog sticks are made from all-natural rubber in the US. The company has been in the rubber industry for over 40 years. They come in different strengths and colors with their orange stick designed for dogs like German Shepherds.

Kong extreme dog toys are made in a variety of colors to suit different chewers. The black extreme is designed for the most powerful chewers. Made from non-toxic Ultra Flex carbon in the US, these are exclusive to the Kong brand. Some of these toys can be stuffed full of treats to keep your dog busy for hours, others used as interactive toys.

They also have balls and tug rings that are equally almost indestructible.

Ethical Pets sell the ‘Spot” brand of heavyweight toys, especially for tough chewers like German Shepherd dogs. They won the Global Pet exposition Show, and all their products come with a lifetime replacement guarantee.

These toys are designed for dogs that are tough on toys. They are made in the US using a unique rubber formulation which is totally safe for your dog

Their chew bone is hollow, allowing you to stuff it with treats so your German Shepherd can play “get to those treats!” Its unique ‘S’ shape gives a new dimension and challenge to their game.

It is a smart move to have good quality dog chews around to keep your German Shepherd safe, happy and contented, and it is also cost effective as it stops destructive chewing on your valuable property and possessions. Look at purchasing chew toys as a future investment in both your home and your dog.