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The Best Chew Toys for Boxers

Boxers are some very active dogs that like to go outside and channel their copious amounts of energy. At the same time, these are strong dogs that can cause significant damage to regular toys, and if there are no toys to be found, they may very well direct that energy toward your furniture and footwear. This is just one of the reasons chew toys for Boxer puppies are so important, but they will not prevent problems on their own.


It is necessary to spend ample time playing with your Boxer and taking him outside on a regular basis. Some of the toys we are about to mention can be of use during that time, while others work better within the confines of your home. Either way, here are a few incredibly tough playthings to challenge your Boxer’s strength and satiate his chewing needs.


Mav4Life Rope Toys


Mav4Life® rope toys are designed to focus on pleasing your dogs aggressive side and high energy characteristics! Mav4Life wants your dog falling in love with her toy while lasting long-term! Mav4Life® wants your buddy running around with her toy in her mouth not with your household staples! Mav4Life® premium quality dog rope is made from cotton. The handles are double layered to ensure comfort for the owner and avoid any rubbing that might occur from typical slick and slippery materials. Owners can hold on tight and give their pet a good daily battle.


The Kong Extreme


Based heavily on the classic Kong Dog Toy, the Kong Extreme took this already resilient design to a whole new level. As far as appearance goes, the Extreme differs from the classic only by its black color. This is also one of its potential drawbacks, as a black toy can be lost outside more easily than a red one. However, what this toy boasts loudly is its near indestructability. The Kong Extreme is made of Kong’s trademarked Ultra-Flex rubber, which was designed to withstand attacks even from the most vicious chewers such police and military dogs. Just like the Classic, this toy can also be stuffed with food for added appeal.


Nylabone’s Dura Chews


Nylabone is a renowned manufacturer of dog toy products and their assortment is very wide. The Dura Chew bones are also a whole line of different products to look at for your Boxer. They come in different shapes, sizes, and versions, so it might take some browsing to find the right one. Generally, these are high quality, highly durable chews that work well with most breeds. Many of them are also flavored like bacon, chicken, jerky, and a lot more. One great example is a particular Dura Chew bone that is shaped like a natural stick. We all know how dogs like to chew on sticks, and these toys provide a very similar sensation, while being much tougher and safer at the same time. The scent and flavor of bacon on the Dura Chew stick is very potent and will last a long time. To make the toy even more alluring, the stick can also be filled with food. A bacon-flavored toy that is filled with peanut butter will grab any dog’s attention.


The Chuckit! Ultra Ball


If you want to stop buying tennis balls every week, then the Ultra Ball is definitely worth checking out. Chuckit! is another reputable brand of various dog toys, and the Ultra Ball is one of their most famous products. These balls do everything you would expect from a tennis ball while being much more durable. This lets them function as chew toys as well because you can be sure that your dog will have a hard time destroying them.


The Goughnuts Ring


The Goughnuts Power Chew Ring is boasted as the toughest toy in the game. This carbon-reinforced rubber ring will be ideal for you if your Boxer is not too picky because its strength is basically all that this toy has going for it. It’s not flavored and can’t be stuffed with food. It doesn’t squeak and it’s not the best fetch toy, but it will prevail! Give it a try if your dog destroys everything in sight and doesn’t need anything fancy to remain interested. The Goughnuts Company ships these out with a lifetime guarantee.


The Kong Extreme Goodie Bone


This simple yet effective rubber chew bone is made of the same material as the regular Extreme Toy. Like its name suggests, it’s shaped like a traditional dog bone and is entirely black. It’s still bouncy, tough, and pleasant for dogs to gnaw on, but it has special treat compartments on both ends. This is an even better toy that the Extreme to leave with your dog all by his lonesome, and you can rest easy knowing that he won’t be able to bite off chunks of it or swallow anything he shouldn’t. Depending on the goodies that you put inside, the Goodie Bone’s reserves can last for hours on end.