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The Best Chew Toys for American Bulldogs

Looking for durable, chew toys for an American Bulldog can be a real challenge. The Internet and local pet store have thousands of toys on the shelves. They all claim to be indestructible or “super tough.” Well, the fact is that there are not many chew toys that can withstand the jaws of a Bulldog munching and grinding on them. With that amount of punishment, nothing is indestructible although some may last a while longer than others. Finding the right dog toys for aggressive chewers can be difficult, but we've narrowed our list down to some of the best. 

Some of the best and strongest chew toys on the market today are:


Mav4Life 15.5: Rope Ball Toy

The 15.5” Mav4Life Rope Ball Toy is for all size dogs.  This handmade manufactured organic cotton toy can withstand outdoor and indoor playing events. Tug of war with your BFF or fetching and retrieving are the most common games played. Bulldogs are heavy chewers with powerful jaws! Rope Ball Toy are durable and long lasting for any size from puppy through to adulthood. Depending on your dogs chewing habits this toy could be a pretty inexpensive investment.


The Hide A Squirrel

The Hide A Squirrel for puppies and young Bulldogs is one of the most creative chew toys on the market. It is claimed by its manufacturers to be an educational toy. True to that claim, it brings out the natural hunting instincts of the young Bulldogs as they find and pull the bushy tailed squirrels from out of the logs and proceed to chew them. The small squirrels are quite durable, lasting about a month before they are finally torn apart.

Buck Bone Organic Elk Antler Dog Chew

Bulldogs love this Buck Bone chew. They are actually made with the real antlers from the heads of wild Elk that have naturally shed pieces of their antlers. These antlers or horns are collected by hand where they are found on the ground each year in the USA. What is nice about them is they are organic and healthy. The antler is full of phosphorus, calcium and protein. No preservatives, dyes or other additives are included. They do wear down slightly with heavy chewing, but no shards or pieces break off. The soft, porous internal part of the antler wear down after the Bulldogs have played with them for a while, but they will last about 4 to 6 weeks of constant chewing.

Tux, by West Paw Design

Tux is a type of treat chew toy. In the back is an opening that allows you to fill it with all kinds of treats and goodies your dog loves. It is designed to float and is quite bouncy, as well as being non toxic. One of the great features of Tux is it’s “guaranteed that it will never break or it will be replaced free of charge.” I am pretty sure the mighty Bulldog will give it a good workout and, if it breaks, you get a new one so it’s very good value and the dogs love it.

Nylabone Toy For Bulldogs

The Bacon Flavored Dura Chew is a favorite of many Bulldogs because of its almost permanent bacon smell. (Even after a month of chewing, it is still there). This toy is claimed to help remove tartar and clean the teeth.

As Bulldogs are fond of chewing on sticks (or anything else), this chew toy that resembles a branch is ideal. The center is hollow so you can add a flavored treat if desired, but Bulldogs seem to like them with or without the added flavor and this toy stands up to their heavy chewing.

Larry Lobster by Tuffie

Larry Lobster is a soft toy that is uniquely designed to handle the rough play of big chewing dogs like Bulldogs. It is constructed using two layers of industrial grade luggage material and a layer of plastic, then covered in a tough soft fleece on the outside. It has a couple of squeakers inside to give a sound effect. This remarkable soft toy can survive the continuous destructive Bulldog treatment for several months.

The Best Free Chew Toys

When you finish with those empty milk, juice and water bottles, they make great chew toys for Bulldogs. For some reason, they just love the feel of biting and crunching them up. Do not throw away those used baby teethers, as some of the toys made for humans are also great teething toys for Bulldog puppies when they are teething. Made tough enough for chewing, they are just what many growing puppies need to help them soothe their aching gums while teething. They also discourage them from chewing on things they should not, like furniture and your shoes.

The one thing that is sure is that Bulldogs will always be happy when chewing and happy dogs mean happy owners and happy neighbors.