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Pit Bull Chew Toys That Your Dog Will Love

Chew toys are a clever and effective way to keep our dogs occupied during the day and catch a break every once in a while, but as you may or may not know, chew toys play quite a prominent role in the health and wellbeing of our dogs too. All dogs like to gnaw on different objects from time to time, and that certainly includes Pit Bulls. This activity helps them keep their teeth clean and strong, as well as their mind occupied and stimulated.

It’s also worth noting that puppies need chew toys especially, particularly during their teething period. This natural process can cause a lot of discomfort, and chewing on toys will alleviate a lot of it. Furthermore, Pit Bulls need tough dog toys for aggressive chewers for a number of reasons. First and foremost, nobody wants to buy dog chew toys every week because their pooch keeps destroying everything in a matter of days or even hours. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, toys need to be durable because Pits are strong chewers and could swallow dangerous pieces of toys that can’t withstand the pressure. With that in mind, let us take a look at five Pit Bull toys that are bound to deliver.


5 of the Best Pit Bull Toys

1)    One tough contender among dog chew toys is certainly Nylabone’s Textured Dura Chew Bone. This is a relatively large and very durable, non-edible bone toy with a rough texture that serves a specific purpose. The Textured Dura Chew, as well as other chew toys that have a rough surface, will do a great job at promoting oral hygiene and alleviating teething pains. The more texture a toy has, the better it will be at suppressing plaque buildup and keeping the teeth strong. These toys are also flavored to make them more appealing to dogs. The Dura Chews will last quite a while with most dogs and they are generally recommended for German Shepherds, which have a bite even more powerful than a Pit Bull.

2)    Apart from just being flavored, some chew toys make use of actual food and treats to bolster a dog’s interest. Many such toys are made by the famous Kong Company, which also make some very tough products. One great example is the incredibly durable and clever Kong Extreme Goodie Bone. This bone is made of tough rubber materials that can withstand copious amounts of punishment from any dog breed. A very interesting feature of this chew toy is the treat compartments that can be found on both ends of the bone. These can be filled up with your Pit Bull’s favorite snacks to keep him occupied for hours on end as he tries to get every last bit of the food out.

3)  Your pitbull will love the Mav4Life Monster Size Quadruple Knot Dog Rope Toy! This is our top-selling strong and large breed toy. It is perfect for day training, and reliably safe. This product is made of cotton, so you know your dog has no chance of consuming any unwanted toxins from playing with this toy. The thickness is designed to withstand any dogs' strength, even your super strong pitbull!

4)    Another somewhat similar product is the Kong Extreme Dog Toy. If you are familiar with the famed Kong Classic, then you would easily recognize that these two toys look almost the same. The only immediately apparent difference is that this particular chew toy is black because it’s made of the same durable material as our above-mentioned toy, whereas the Classic is red. The Extreme too can be filled up with food, but it works best with sticky substances such as peanut butter. The toy is smaller and more ergonomic, making very suitable for games of fetch too. The Extreme is fairly bouncy, which will make the toy very intriguing, especially when combined with food.

5)    If you really want to go overboard when it comes to the toughness of your Pit Bull’s toys, it is perhaps a good idea to look into some products manufactured by Goughnuts. Their Power Chew Ring is hailed as one of the toughest dog chew toys around. Its drawback is perhaps its simplicity, which may leave some dogs with a lack of interest. If your Pit is not picky, however, this carbon-reinforced rubber ring may be just the thing for you. It also ships with a lifetime guarantee, which speaks volumes to its durability.

6)    At last, Pit Bulls are known to enjoy tugging and tearing, which makes tug-of-war one of their favorite activities. Other dog chew toys offered by Goughnuts have exactly that in mind. The company’s Maxx line of products includes tug toys of incredible longevity. These can serve as chew toys, but are also very interactive. You can use these tug toys to see if you are stronger than your Pit, but they can also be used between two dogs.