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Five Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Training Tips

The Yorkie is the most popular toy dog breed in the US. One of the reasons is certainly their size, but they also have quite an interesting character. They are funny, playful, adorable balls of fur!


Unfortunately, training is often overlooked with dogs of this kind for no good reason. Yorkies respond well to traditional obedience training, as long as you make note of a few of their quirks. Here are five tips to help you with just that.


Yorkie Tip One: Potty Difficulties


First of all, some Yorkies can be less than agreeable during house training, which can be an issue. This is why it’s a good idea to exploit a dog’s natural den instincts and start with crate training. While dogs are certainly den animals, they are also tidy den animals. Most people are familiar with the fact that dogs of all breeds don’t pee and poop where they sleep. If you are having trouble with your Yorkie puppy when trying to house train him and teach him to potty outside, a crate can help you.


Get your pup accustomed to her crate and keep her there whenever you have to leave the house. When you get home, take the Yorkie outside right away and give him some room. Furthermore, use the crate as a means of controlling when the pup goes to potty. For instance, close your pet in his crate after a sizeable meal and leave him there for a couple of hours. If the dog gets the urge, he will hold it in. After that, just take your Yorkie outside directly and give him some time to release. Try to predict and map out the times when the pup usually has an accident, and exercise crate control each time until going outside becomes a habit.


Yorkie Tip Two: Set Limits Early


Yorkies are usually cuddly, playful and like affection. Sometimes, however, they may develop a very stubborn attitude and become fairly eccentric. This is usually the result of a lack of limits in puppyhood, which results in an overall spoiled little pooch. This is a prevalent issue with toy dogs, as many people just don’t bother training them. The dog is too small to cause damage, pull the leash, and pose a threat, so why train him if he can easily be controlled, right? Wrong.


There is no excuse for having an unscrupulous and hyperactive Yorkie. All it takes is discipline and rules from an early age. Just basic obedience training will go a long way toward having a well-behaved pet later on. Even though you can easily subdue this pooch, you still don’t want him barking all the time, nipping at toddlers, or trying to sneak out.


Yorkie Tip Three: Handle with Care


Needless to say, Yorkshire Terriers are vulnerable and delicate dogs. Always ensure controlled and safe environments when training the dog or doing anything else, basically. It’s not recommended to even keep a Yorkie in the first place if you have children younger than five or six in the house because tragic accidents can and do happen.


From a certain perspective, this is yet another reason to work on training your Yorkshire. A well-disciplined Yorkie is much less likely to expose himself to danger by rushing toward the road, lying around where he shouldn’t, or being overall hyperactive.


Yorkie Tip Four: Feisty Little Beasts


Despite their comical size and appearance, Yorkshire Terriers hold themselves in fairly high esteem. Yorkies will not only bark at dogs many times their size but will also charge at them if they deem it necessary. Naturally, larger dogs can make quick work of the Yorkie, so it’s necessary to be vigilant and always have the dog under control.


Better yet, ensure that your Yorkie puppy never grows up to be aggressive. There are certain natural predispositions at work here – that much is true – but sufficient and healthy socialization from an early age can do wonders, like with all other breed.


Yorkie Tip Five: Don’t Overlook Leash Training


Just because the Yorkie is easy to hold onto doesn’t mean that he should be allowed to pull the leash. This can put a strain on their fragile structure and cause injury over time. Use all the usual methods and teach your toy dog to walk on a loose leash or even at your heel. Every single trick or command you teach your Yorkie puppy will make him more obedient and devoted, which he is more than capable of being.