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Beagle Chew Toys that Your Dog Will Love

When you have a dog as cute, cuddly and adorable as a Beagle, you will want to spoil it with love, treats and plenty of toys. It is important to know which toys are suitable to be Beagle toys, as they have very specific tastes and needs. Fortunately, there are plenty of toys designed with your little friend in mind. If you purchase any of the toys listed below, you will guarantee that your Beagle gets plenty of happy playtime for months and even years to come.


Mav4Life Rope Toys

As well as loving to play, Beagles love to chew on things. Since chewing is both a natural and healthy habit, it is good to encourage the behavior. Buying strong, well-made rope toys are a perfect way to meet your Beagle’s chewing needs. Mav4Life, a company renowned for making virtually indestructible rope toys for all dog sizes. Mav4Life 15.5” Rope is one of the best sellers, providing both soft rope ends to chew on as well as a handle for the owner to hold on tight when playing. This is ideal for dogs of any age, but it can also be a perfect choice for Beagle puppies who are teething.

Elk Chew Toys

Another excellent chew toy for Beagles is the elk antler. The durability and density of elk antlers make this toy both fun and safe. Most other bones are brittle, meaning that they can splinter when chewed on. Elk antlers won’t splinter, meaning there is no risk of choking or lacerations. Like rope toys, elk antlers are perfect for any age Beagle, including puppies who are going through the teething process.

Squeaky Toys

Beagles love the sounds that squeaky toys can make. Unfortunately, many regular plush squeaky toys aren’t made to withstand the chewing demands of a Beagle. Fortunately, ZippyPaws has solved this problem, creating a squeaky toy that is plush, durable and completely safe for your tiny friend. The ZippyPaws Squeakie Pup Plush Dog Toy is designed to look like a Beagle, giving your dog a friend he can relate to. Additionally, this plush toy has no stuffing, so there is no chance that your Beagle will digest any leaked contents. Furthermore, the durability of this toy makes it ideal for tug-of-war games. Ten squeakers ensure that your Beagle’s friend will have plenty to say for a long time to come.

Rubber Ring Toys

Although Beagles can entertain themselves for hours on end with the right toys, the fact is that they really enjoy some fun time with their beloved owners. A great toy to accommodate both alone time and time together is the traditional Kong rubber ring. Rubber rings are ideal as they are strong enough for a good old tug-of-war session, while also providing hours of chew time for when your dog is alone. Puller offers the Collar Puller two ring set, a perfect option for the classic ring toy. Not only are these rings strong and safe, but they are also free from that overpowering rubber smell.

Fetching Toys

Another favorite past time for Beagles is the traditional game of fetch. Playing fetch with a Beagle provides great exercise as well as an outlet for their hunting skills. Since most Beagle owners won’t ever go quail hunting, this skill can often go unsatisfied. Fortunately, a few tennis balls can go a long way to solving this problem. Mav4Life's rope ball is the perfect example. The ball is made of cotton so completely safe for your pup to play with, and perfect for playing fetch with any sized dog. 

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