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5 Poodle Puppy Training Tips

Wondering how to train a poodle? A Poodle is a wonderful dog for anyone who wants a pet that will play and be full of energy, but that is small enough to not be intimidating. As such, Poodles can be great pets for families with small children. However, it is critical that a Poodle be trained right and at the right time. Proper training can make the difference between a highly energetic friend and a furry source of chaos. The following 5 tips will help you to ensure your Poodle puppy is properly trained right from the start.


House Training

One of the most important types of training for any puppy is house training. Because of the nature of Poodles, crate training is not the best option for this. Instead, a strict routine is required for establishing when and where your puppy can do his ‘business.’ It is vital that you stick to the routine, as any variation in time or location will simply create confusion. Also, avoid simply letting him outside to roam aimlessly. Instead, take him to a specific place in the yard, designating that as his bathroom. Reward proper behavior with vocal praise, petting, head scratching and even a treat.

Social Integration

While Poodles are very friendly dogs, they can be socially awkward if not properly trained at an early age. This can be especially troublesome later on when your Poodle requires regular visits to the pet store or vet for grooming. Therefore, it is vital that you take your Poodle out into the public right from the start. Walks in the park will help him to become comfortable around both people and other animals, particularly dogs. Start slow, as the experience can be overwhelming. Eventually, he will be able to endure longer periods of exposure, but take it slow at first.

Vocabulary Training

Since Poodles are highly intelligent dogs, they have a natural talent for learning a fair number of words. This can go a long way to establishing discipline with your puppy. When teaching your Poodle commands, be sure to use words that are easy to distinguish, as similar sounding words can be confusing. Additionally, use body language and the right tone of voice to give the word extra meaning. Always be sure to give your puppy adequate praise when he follows your commands, as a lack of reward can cause him to second guess his actions.

Be Consistent

One of the most important things regarding Poodle training is to be consistent at all times. For example, if you don’t want him on the furniture, always tell him to get off. Better yet provide your poodle with the Mav4Life Ragdoll that will distract her from playing on furniture or in areas off limits. Never make an exception. This goes for any rule. The minute you make exceptions the rules become arbitrary, and that is more than your furry little friend’s mind can handle. Simply put, rules need to be black and white in order for them to stick. Poodles don’t have the capacity to make judgment calls. When it comes to the rules it has to be all or nothing.

Be Gentle

Fear is not the great teaching tool many believe it to be. This has been proven true with both people and animals alike. When you have to correct your Poodle’s behavior, be stern with your actions and words, nothing more. He will know when he has done wrong by the lack of reward for his action. Never, EVER hit your dog, as this will only serve to cause him great distress and emotional trauma. Furthermore, if you hit him with the hand you pet him with, he will never be sure what you are going to do when you raise your hand toward him.


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