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5 German Shepard Puppy Training Tips

German Shepherd puppies are very cute and friendly dogs, extremely intelligent, easy to train and make a wonderful companion for the whole family. A well trained German shepherd is very obedient and a pleasure to have as a family member. But he or she will need to be trained properly. This should start as soon as your puppy German Shepherd arrives as just a small delay in starting training can result in the puppy forming habits you may not like.

German Shepherds are very social animals and like to be the leader of their pack. If you want your puppy to be obedient, you need to establish yourself as the alpha male. The best time to do this is when your dog is still young.

The first 2 to 6 months of age are the most critical for your puppy’s development. By the time a puppy is 4 months old, he should know how to follow some simple commands such as come, go, sit, down, go outside, as well as wait or stay.

It is important to be patient and consistent in the way you treat your puppy. He expects to be given a reward for good behavior. This is best done by using a happy, praising tone in your voice and giving small tasty treats. The first thing you should teach your puppy is his name

If you are training your puppy, here are some tips that you can follow.


  1. German Shepherd Puppies need to be Socialized

This is one of the most important training tips. If possible, find a trainer who is experienced in training large dogs like German shepherds, and who holds regular, safe socialization classes and will accept young puppies, as this will significantly improve your ability to raise a confident, friendly and contented dog. You will also need to practice daily at home.

  1. Start Your Puppy’s Training as Soon as Possible

The younger your puppy is when you start training, the easier it will be for both of you. A puppy German Shepherd loves to learn and is highly intelligent. It is important to get personally involved with the training sessions as this is a very important time when you bond with your dog

  1. German Shepherd Puppy’s Need to Learn How to Control their Mouths Correctly

All German shepherd puppies like to chew everything in site, whether it is a bone chew toy, your best shoes or the furniture. This is normal as puppies explore things with their mouths so it is the best time to teach them how to bite. Teach them how much pressure or how softly they can bite as well as what is appropriate biting behavior.

  1. Keep you Puppy Training Sessions Short

When training your puppy at home, it is important to keep the sessions short as, just like a child, your puppy has a short attention span. It is better to do two or three 15 minute session’s each day, with long rest periods, rather than one 2 hour session.

When training your puppy to be obedient to you, first establish yourself as the alpha male. When you walk your puppy, always be the one in front. It is important to lead your dog, not allow it to lead you.

  1. Teach Your Puppy Appropriate Barking

All dogs bark. Usually they bark to let you know something is happening. They are doing their job, but they need to learn when to bark and when to stop. When your puppy barks, acknowledge they have helped you by alerting you, then tell them they should stop barking because you, their leader, have taken charge.

When your puppy barks

  • Investigate the reason
  • Thank you puppy and tell him to sit
  • Reward the puppy for sitting, then see what the issue is
  • If your puppy keeps barking, say “all done” or “finish” and distract the puppy with some command or practice and reward him for doing it
  • If you continue training like this, soon your puppy will learn that his bark will summon you to investigate and you will then take over the situation, allowing him or her to relax.

Having a German Shepherd Puppy is a wonderful experience and you will have a faithful friend for life, so treat him or her well and, if trained correctly, your puppy will be a happy, safe and also protective member of your family. Check out more on German Shepherds today!