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5 American Bulldog Puppy Training Tips

American Bulldogs are known for being tenacious and strong. This muscular dog breed tends to be very energetic and loves to run around, which can be a great thing if you live an active lifestyle yourself. American Bulldogs don’t really like strangers, so it is important that you create a strong relationship with your Bulldog puppy as quickly as possible.
If you don’t develop this bond early on, your American Bulldog puppy will grow up to be very aggressive around you or your family members. Though this trait makes this breed great guard dogs, American Bulldogs can still be trained to be very loving around people.
In this article, we discuss five tips that you can use for American Bulldog training:


Tip #1: Buy enough chew toys

The American Bulldog breed loves to chew on things. This is usually a way for them to develop their teeth. On the other hand, having your puppy rip apart your prized possessions is no fun at all. The best thing to do is to get your puppy a lot of good quality chew toys. This is one investment that you need to make quickly. Make sure that the toys you buy are non-toxic and won’t cause any accidental choking.


Tip #2: Give your puppy enough exercise

American Bulldogs are very intelligent and this makes them always eager to learn things. They are very mentally and physically active dogs, and this means that they don’t like being cooped up for too long. This is actually a great attribute for your Bulldog puppy to have because he will learn commands and tricks faster than most other breeds.
American Bulldogs require a lot of exercise both as puppies and adults, so make sure that you take your puppy for walks. Keep the walks short if the puppy is still very young. You will realize that a short walk tires them out. As your puppy grows older, you can increase the length of the walks or maybe take them for more walks in a day. Just make sure that your puppy has been fully vaccinated before you leave the house with them. Furthermore, ensure that all outdoor exercise sessions are supervised.


Tip #3: Groom your Bulldog puppy well

Grooming your puppy needs to be something that you routinely engage in. Take the time to examine your puppy’s coat, skin, ears, tail, eyes, and teeth. Give him a regular bath and trim his nails often. It is important that you get your puppy used to being groomed from a young age. Remember that Bulldogs learn fast but you have to teach them early enough if you want to avoid problems in the future.


Tip #4: Feed your puppy the right diet

This is really important especially for a puppy. If you bought your American Bulldog from a breeder, you need to ask them to recommend the amount of food to give your puppy and how often the feeding sessions should be. The goal here is to keep feeding your puppy whatever food they were eating before you bought them. Later on, you can start to gradually wean the puppy to other types of food that you want to feed it.
The transition phase is critical. You don’t want to be faced with a puppy that is refusing to eat the food you give it. Puppies need the right food to grow, so you need to get things right. Do not give your Bulldog puppy uncooked meat during the early stages. Bones should also be avoided since they can easily splinter and injure your puppy.


Tip #5: Potty train your puppy

If you place your puppy in a crate, you need to start potty training him early on so that he develops a routine. Most vets recommend that you begin to potty train your Bulldog puppy after they turn three months old. At such an age, they are old enough to have some control over their bowels.
Monitor your puppy and take them outside the moment you notice that they want to pee. Most dogs don’t like peeing or pooping on their beddings. A young puppy cannot hold it for very long, which means you may have to take him outside after every 2 hours. Make sure that you use the same spot all the time.

If you use these tips to take better care of your American Bulldog puppy, they will live a long and happy life. Make sure that you vaccinate them and provide good healthcare at all times.


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